Recap of Top Blogger Tips Lunch Event


Publik Coffee Roasters

We had a great turnout for our October ‘First Friday Lunch’ held at Publik Coffee Roasters. We want to extend a huge thanks to Missy Greis for hosting our event today, the venue was fantastic and we enjoyed the fresh brewed coffee very much.

If you are a coffee lover, you must visit Publik to experience the unique, fresh roasted brew. The ambience is eclectic, modern, and the employees of Publik are top-notch. They truly stand by their mission, “We believe in quality over quantity, community over corporate, planet over profit.”

There were some great tips from the four bloggers today. Here is a brief recap of what was shared.

If you’re looking for stunning photography and unique Utah stories, you must visit Austen Diamond’s 13% SALT website. Austen started 13% SALT to shed new light on the culture, lifestyles, and beauties of living in Utah. His skills as a journalist and photographer mesh perfectly on the site, making it a clean, aesthetic portrayal of Utah. It also showcases his abilities as a premier, local artist. He put our curious expressions at ease when he explained how the name 13% SALT was derived: It’s the average salinity of the Great Salt Lake. Here are his tips:
  • 13% SALT was launched in 2013 to create “value.”
  • Value can be many things, from a monetary exchange to building awareness (for people and organizations in the community and for Austen as a photographer) to, simply put, having a good time.
  • Austen sees his business as an ecosystem, where 13% SALT is the non-profit, value-building wing of Austen Diamond Photography.
  • He encouraged bloggers, non-profits, and businesses who blog to give, to get back and to not always look for an immediate return.
  • The essence of Austen’s advice was to build value, bring value, and ultimately you will be valued.

Becky Rosenthal
Becky moved to Utah from Texas some years ago for a change of pace and lifestyle, and upon her arrival she started blogging about something she’s very passionate about…food. Her enthusiasm and food-related creativity has won her wide-spread fame and recognition. Her work has been featured on,, Huffington Post, and a host of local news stations and magazines. Becky’s tips:

  • Tip: build a community
  • “You don’t have to be a top blogger to start a community” – if you reach out to other bloggers in your sphere whether they are big or small you might be surprised how willing they are to join the community.
  • “Your blog may not make a lot of money, but there are other benefits that can come from it. Relationships, partnership opportunities, etc.”
  • “Take time to stop. Spend time with your family, food or whatever you enjoy…it’ll make you a better business owner.”

Jason Mitchell
Jason brought a concise and well thought out presentation, and he shared his wealth of knowledge of blogging that he has learned over the many years. As a pioneer of blogging, his skills are honed and were so worth learning. Jason apologized for using PowerPoint, which made for an excellent short presentation, but we won’t hold it against him. In all honesty, here at IABC many have the book “PowerPoint for Dummies” stuff under their pillows, so he was in good company today. Tips from Jason:

  • “Your passion and your career can coexist” – Jason started his outdoor blog back in 1999 when the concept of blogging hadn’t even began. He is a true pioneer of taking his passion and making it into a successful blog business.
  • “You will get to meet great people” – these relationships can last a long time, and many doors may open through these relationships.
  • “Google is the enemy – know it well” – he explained the necessity of knowing all the ins and outs of Google and that if you don’t, it is very difficult to be successful. “It’s very much a love/hate relationship with Google.”
  • “Business blogs tell your brand story in a conversational way and they will generate leads.” – Be a storyteller > Get leads
  • “Content is king” – the content must be engaging, SEO friendly, and thorough. Once you have good content “it is timeless.”

Kathy Dalton
Kathy is the epitome of the adventure Mom! Her family is her passion and she lives it every day. That same energy that she puts into her family comes through on the Adventure Mom blog site, and they are making waves, not only locally, but around the world. Kathy shared the recent experience when she received a phone call saying they were selected by Coca-Cola “to participate as one of 8 professional bloggers from across the U.S. in its Women of the Web: India Blogger Trip 2014.” Not only was Kathy super dynamic today, she even showed up with her little baby boy, who was the most “chill” little guy I’ve ever seen. Kathy is a Mom first, blogger second, and incognito super-woman all the time. Kathy’s words of wisdom:

  1. “Go to events and connect.”
  2. “Learn as much as you can.” Kathy recommended using sources like to learn new skills.
  3. “Google is not in charge of your life.” She suggested that if things are going in the direction you would like, “don’t be afraid to change.” You can change that domain name or switch directions. “It’s the Internet and you are in control.” Kathy related a story of when they chose to change their domain name, yes it hurt a bit, but in the long run things began running in the direction they wanted. TIP: When looking for a new domain name try this site:
  4. “Innovate” – always be looking for new tools or online applications that can help you innovate and reach people in new ways.
  5. “Give back.” Find a need and give back to the community.