Eye-Tracking Study – Please help out one of our IABC members!

Please help out one of our IABC members! One of the initiatives I would like to see more within IABC Utah is collaboration among our IABC members. As such, I am extending an invitation to all our current and past IABC members to participate in an eye-tracking study that one of our IABC members is doing for her master’s thesis to complete her Master in Communications at Weber State University.

Join Jennifer Toomer-Cook at Weber State! She is conducting an eye-tracking study for her master’s thesis and needs participants. Simply read a news site, answer a survey, grab a treat and that’s it! Done in 20 minutes. Interested? It’s at Weber State, Elizabeth Hall, Room 350 (1395 Edvalson St., Ogden). Must be between 18 and 70 years old.

Sign up at http://vols.pt/cJkxeW – Thanks, everyone!

Tyler Toone
President, IABC Utah