IABC World Conference 2015

Full details about IABC World Conference 2015

Here are a collection of the five latest World Conference articles that you can use for promotion. (Content below pulled directly from IABC’s marketing resources)

8 break-through ways to increase employee engagement
There’s no better way to reinvigorate your ideas than to get the real story on what works from the people who made it happen. This year, the communication profession’s top experts have been invited to the IABC World Conference to share the most innovative approaches to increasing employee engagement. Learn how some of the world’s major organizations, including Amway, Bayer, Toyota, Lockheed Martin and Walmart, turned potential problems into real opportunities by rethinking, reinventing and reapplying communication… Read More

Deliver innovation: 6 lessons in leadership and strategy
Even if you’re an experienced communication professional, the world is continuing to evolve around you, presenting challenges that require new thinking. That means that even the most seasoned communication leader must work to stay sharp and take in new ideas to remain ahead of today’s changing communication environment. If you are to meet demanding business goals, you’ll need innovative strategies to deliver. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn at the IABC World Conference: 1. How to redefine… Read More

Speaker Angee Linsey: Building your personal brand
Your work may not always speak for itself, which is why your personal brand is key to helping others understand your value. CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson interviewed Angee Linsey, managing director of Linsey Careers, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in marketing and communication search, about developing personal branding. Linsey shares what your personal brand encompasses and the first steps to take when developing it. Watch the video here. For more career tips,… Read More

What’s new and special about this year’s IABC World Conference?
The planning for this year’s World Conference started with a group of 25 volunteer communication leaders from around the world, the Program Advisory Committee (PAC), who wanted to go beyond the ordinary. Drawing from a vision to deliver an event with truly innovative thinking, the group evaluated a record 250-plus presentation proposals. A global mix of dynamic speakers with compelling content were matched to five tracks: communication skills, leadership and strategy, marketing and brand,… Read More

Our sponsors: Great communication puts you above the rest
We are fortunate to have a line-up of sponsors representing some of most influential and well-respected organizations in the world. These partnerships symbolize an intersection of core values and beliefs that recognize the importance of communication as a unifying force in business. Our sponsors value outstanding communication because they know that it puts an organization a cut above the rest and creates a differentiating marker that demonstrates excellence. We are honored to recognize our sponsors for their commitment to supporting… Read More