5 Benefits of IABC

We’re all down for some great benefits. That’s what the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is all about. We’re the organization that’s here for you. Our goal is to help progress the skills of business communicators and to shape the future of the field with ground-breaking research and best practices.

That’s a pretty hefty goal. But we’re down to the challenge. We achieve that goal by providing many opportunities and resources to communicators.

Professional trainings and conferences. The Utah chapter has an event every single month. These events range from service opportunities to hearing from top professionals in the field. Every year, the global organization hosts a world conference where you can connect with other professionals internationally and hear from cutting-edge speakers.

Networking. At IABC, we know that connecting to others in the same field yields networks and knowledge. Members have access to information to every IABC members’ contact information, making it easy to meet up. Whether you attend a local event to meet others or are visiting another city and want to get new insights, IABC has you covered.

Recognition. IABC offers the Gold Quill Award. Every year, you can submit your best work to be judged by a panel of experts. Even if you don’t win, they will still give you excellent feedback on what you can do for the next year.

 Certification. IABC currently offers the Communication Management Professional certification. More tracks are to come. Certificates help you as an individual demonstrate your knowledge and skill. It engages you in life-long learning that will transcend your career to the next level.

Resources. If you haven’t noticed by now, IABC loves learning. That’s why we offer a multitude of different resources to hone your skills or learn something new. Online we offer free or discounted books, field research, and webinars. Don’t forget to subscribe to the monthly publication of Communication World magazine. It’s the one-stop location for all of the news for communicators.  And if you’re looking for a new career, check out our job board where members get priority access and the exclusive option to post your resume directly to companies.

IABC offers opportunities to all levels of professionals in the communications world. If you don’t believe it, go back and reread the this article. It’s a recap of everything IABC can offer you. If you’re not sure about it, reach out to us with your questions. And if you’re serious about progressing your career, join IABC now.

See you at our next event!

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