6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Staring at a blinking cursor. Trying to come up with an idea. If you haven’t hit the wall yet, it’s bound to happen. Especially if you write about the same topic over and over.

Fortunately, Jeff Bullas has six great tips to help you get over that writer’s block:

  1. Find Ebooks—With the availability of ebooks, find one that is related to your niche. Go to the title page and list all of the topics of the book. Come up with a unique angle for each topic.
  2. Ask Quora—Quora is a question and answer platform. Perform a search about keywords associated with your niche. Comb through the conversations and highlight parts of the discussions you could write about.
  3. Tap into Social Media Groups—Search for groups with your target audience on a social media platform you are comfortable with. Search for keywords and then go through conversations related to that discussion.
  4. Blog Comments—Search blog comments from popular blog posts to see what areas interested people. Write down consistent comments and queries people had.
  5. Do the Opposite of Everyone Else—If everyone is writing about how to do something, write about how not to do it.
  6. Leverage BuzzSumo—BuzzSumo is a blog research tool. It goes over specs of what was shared, what went viral, etc. Make a list of all of the popular topics related to your niche, and give that topic a unique spin.

When the creativity stops, look to the plethora of resources around you. What are you waiting for? Get writing.

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