President’s Message March 2013

A few weeks ago I attended an annual workshop focused on the work I do as an intranet manager. Other intranet teams from various companies were in attendance and included communications and IT professionals. The focus of the workshop was to share our recent “wins” and current challenges to foster knowledge sharing and best practices. I came away from the workshop renewed, feeling a sense of, “I’m not in this alone.” I have others to turn to. I made some great connections with others who are in a similar place as me.

Our next event, “Bring Your Own Dilemma” aims to deliver a similar outcome. As communication professionals we are all striving to reach our audiences, engage employees in the company’s business strategy, and leverage the latest technology to help us do it with ease. It’s rewarding to share the “wins” or your latest accomplishments with like-minded professionals and it feels good to offer help and expertise to others who are in a situation that you have mastered. IABC is the community where you can experience this.

Additionally, the month of April will be focused on connecting students with communication professionals. Students are eager to learn how we apply the methods they are learning in their programs to real life. This is the feel-good part where we get to teach, develop and coach the next generation of communicators. IABC wants to connect students with internships, so please send us your opportunities. We will collect these opportunities, make them available for students through our website and hold an event towards the end of the month to help make the connection.

Thank you for being a part of IABC Utah,



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