Research Made Easy: The Critical Data You Need for Communication Success

Research and analysis for internal communication transforms theory to practice to results for participants in this hands-on workshop. Participants will learn DIY research methodologies, focusing on models tailored to demographics, resources and desired outcomes. They will learn to differentiate quantitative and qualitative measurement techniques and the advantages and pitfalls of each.

Participants will learn the best ways to use research as a tool for change, presenting results to leadership in the most effective way possible. The workshop will also showcase case studies of how some internal communication groups use research to measure their communication.

Finally, participants will be asked to share an on-the-job example for study and practice. These examples will be shared and discussed throughout the course, with the goal of each participant leaving with a fully-developed and ready-for-deployment research and analysis plan.

Bottom line: Participants will learn how research and analysis can help drive their communication strategy. 

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the role that various kinds of assessment play in research, planning and measurement, and how, when and why to deploy research.
  • Understand why research and analysis matters to internal communication, as well as your business; you’ll also learn why research is the foundation in driving your communication strategy.
  • Understand the different ways in which you can utilize research to measure communication within your organization.
  • Take advantage of technology to craft surveys, conduct focus groups and gather additional information that speaks to your goal; and understand basic survey and focus group structures and tools.
  • Structure questions to maximize the accuracy of the information given and create focus groups that give excellent insights with little extraneous chatter.
  • Compile your data and report results using graphics and convey it to leadership in such a way that you gain support for your initiatives and solidify your place as a trusted consultant and adviser.

Career levels: Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Adviser
Costs: IABC members: US$375, non-members: US$525
Dates: Thursdays, 2–23 March 2017
Times: 9–10 a.m. PDT / 12–1 p.m. EDT / 16:00–17:00 UTC

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rathje_rhonda_400-214x300Presenter / Rhonda Rathje is a seasoned communication professional with 35-plus years of proven, practical experience. Rathje’s professional history includes her work at Verizon, American Airlines and Walmart, where she led numerous high-profile communication initiatives form corporate reorganizations to community events. Her capabilities include strategic communication planning, employee engagement, community relations and strategic counsel. Rathje has designed and implemented award-winning employee communication programs that generated bottom-line results. She has led teams to solve business problems, helping organizations connect and engage employees to the business with communication.

cjurkowskiPresenter / Cara Jurkowski is a failed stand-up comedian and successful communication professional. As the owner of Stand Up Communications, she uses lessons from the world of stand-up comedy to help communicators of every ilk become funny-bone tickling, emotion-arousing, storytelling superstars of the business world. When she’s not busy using her powers to help communicators rule the world, you’ll find her changing the system from the inside. For nearly two decades, she’s worked with Fortune 500 companies using the power of communication to create cultures where employees laugh, learn, debate, inspire, improve, innovate and ignite; contributing their talent with passion and reckless abandon.


2 March: Measurement matters: If it’s worth communicating, it’s worth measuring

9 March: Meet your measure: Selecting the right tools for the job

16 March: Keeping score: The dos and don’ts of measurement

23 March: Measuring for success: How to package your information and present to leadership

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